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Interview - Clara Maître

11 Mar 2020
Interview - Clara Maître

Today, we introduce you one of our young French ambassadors : the very talented Clara Maître. On the occasion of the TDA of Le Mans on February 21, 22 and 23, our teams were able to meet her and thus create an interview. To find out more about this deserving rider, you can read more about her just below : 

  • Could you introduce yourself ? 

My name is Clara maître, I’m 14 years old. I’m a jumping rider and I ride at the Saint-Leu stables.

  • When and how did you start riding ? What about competition ? 

I started riding when I was 4 years old, it’s been 10 years now. For my birthday, my mom took me to a pony ride and since, I have never stopped ! I started competition tow years later, when I was six.


  • Could you introduce us your ponies ? 

I have three ponies. First, I have Ramauna de Raches, a 14-years old mare of proven origin. She is pretty calm and very smart. I love her ! Then, I have Celtik de Mioko, he’s an 8 years-old Connemara stallion. He’s very smart and has a lot of strength. He’s gifted so he’s really great ! Finally, I have Nieland’s Joris, a 10-years old New Forest. He has a lot of character, but also a lot of strength and means so It’s going pretty well !


  • What are your sports goals for this year ? 
Foy my sports goals this year, with Celtik, I would like to do AS Pony Elite pretty well. And with Nieland's Joris, to remake AS Pony 1 good as well. 

  • How do you organize yourself between school and your ponies ? 

I’m in a regular secondary school so I don’t have an adjusted schedule. So, with my coach, we set up a schedule where I ride four times a week : Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And the other days, I work on my classes and make sure Ihave as little homework as possible.

  • Do you have a rider who inspires you ? 
Yes, Marcus Ehning ! 

PS : If you want, the video interview is available on our YouTube Channel !

Green Collection

25 Feb 2020
Green Collection

Did you know that a million plastic bottles are produced every minute in the world ? And that a single one of these bottles takes between 100 and 500 years to decompose in nature ? Or that the cumulative total of plastics thrown into the sea represents 550 million bottles in the ocean ?

It is from this distressing observation that Harcour wanted to create a collection which is more respectful of the environment. The Green Collection was born !

For the launch of this collection, we chose to highlight our saddle pad named Green. It was designed essentially with plastic bottles, 23 to be precise !

The Green sadle pads will be available in a limited edition during the month of April. To be aware of the date and not miss any information, don't hesitate to follow @harcourfrance on social networks ! 

Harcour Selfie Challenge

4 Nov 2019
Harcour Selfie Challenge

300€ to win* every week
so 1 winner per week during 4 weeks!

  1. Follow @harcourfrance on Instagram
  2. Do a selfie or a picture and post it on story
  3. Tag @harcourfrance and #hselfiechallenge

Option 1 :
A selfie or a picture of you with your horse

Option 2 :
A selfie or a picture with you in a Harcour outfit

* In voucher of the website

Next Harcour events

7 Nov 2019
Next Harcour events

Next few months, Harcour comes to meet you during the biggest equestrian events of the end of the year.

Our teams will welcome you in our shops to show you our novelties as well as our never out of fashion essentials:

  • Winter 2019 collection in limited edition will win your heart thanks to its burgundy, khaki, navy, and sand colors.
  • We don’t introduce you anymore to The Essentials collection, your training and show must have.
  • NEW: Our Ridewear products, including Tequila breeches and Sangria jeans, perfect for riding as well as for a walk in town.


Where to find us the next few months:
  • Fierracavalli – From 7th to 10th of November 2019 – Italy
  • Salon du cheval of Paris – From 4th to 8th of December 2019 – France
  • Olympia Horse Show – From 16th to 22nd of December 2019 - England
  • Jumping Mechelen – From 26th to 30th of December 20119 – Belgium